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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Release 0.0.2 is out

This second release is a bit more real. First two SROs (SRONumber and SROConfirmYesNo) are available. And confirmation and validation are working.

Here's a simple app to ask for the number of tickets in a travel application

SRApp flow = new SRApp();

SRONumber sro = new SRONumber("tickets", 1, 10);
sro.setConfirmer(new SROConfirmYesNo("tickets"));

flow.addPrompt("You said {$INPUT}");

From this, the following dialog is possible

Computer: How many tickets would you like?
Computer: I didn't hear you. How many tickets would you like?
Computer: I still didn't hear you. How many tickets would you like?
Human: twelve
Computer: Sorry, I'm looking for a number between one and ten. How many tickets would you like?
Human: two
Computer: Do you want two?
Human: yes
Computer: You said two.

As you can see, escalating error prompts are given and user input is validated against the range given to the SRONumber flow object. Utterances below 80% confidence are confirmed, and finally the user's input is played back to them.

This release uses extremely simple grammar in SRONumber (a built-in grammar for one to nine). You're free to replace it with your own, and of course the next release will improve on this.

Enjoy :)

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