What is SpeakRight?

SpeakRight is an open-source Java framework for writing speech recognition applications in VoiceXML.Unlike most proprietary speech-app tools, SpeakRight is code-based. Applications are written in Java using SpeakRight's extensible classes. Java IDEs such as Eclipse provide great debugging, fast Java-aware editing, and refactoring. Dynamic generation of VoiceXML is done using the popular StringTemplate templating framework. Read more...

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

List of Flow Objects

Flow objects are the building blocks of SpeakRight applications. Here is the list of available objects:
  • BranchFlow Performs branching in the callflow based on an application-defined condition
  • ChoiceFlow Branches based on user input, such as in a menu
  • DisconnectFlow Hangs up the call
  • FlowList a sequence of flow objects, optionally ending with an AppEvent
  • GotoUrlFlow Redirects to an external URL
  • LoopFlow Iterates over a sequence of sub-flows
  • NBestConfirmerFlow confirms NBest results
  • PromptFlow Plays one or more prompts
  • QuestionFlow Asks the user a question. Has built-in error retries for silence and nomatch.
  • RawContentFlow Ouput raw VoiceXML
  • RecordAudioFlow record the caller's voice to an audio file.
  • SRApp The root flow object
  • TransferFlow Transfer the call
  • YesNoConfirmerFlow used to confirm a single result
Additional flow objects can be created by implementing the IFlow interface.

There are also SROs (SpeakRight Reusable Objects) which you can use.

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