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SpeakRight is an open-source Java framework for writing speech recognition applications in VoiceXML.Unlike most proprietary speech-app tools, SpeakRight is code-based. Applications are written in Java using SpeakRight's extensible classes. Java IDEs such as Eclipse provide great debugging, fast Java-aware editing, and refactoring. Dynamic generation of VoiceXML is done using the popular StringTemplate templating framework. Read more...

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tutorial 2 - Adding a Menu

Let's add a menu to our Hello app.

add the menu class to app1 (as inner class)

here's the grxml file

import org.speakright.core.*;

public class App1 extends SRApp {
public App1(){super("app1"); //give the app a name (useful for logging);
add(new PromptFlow("Welcome to SpeakRight!"));

This flow will simply say "Welcome to SpeakRight!" and hang up.

There are a number of ways to run your app. Eventually you'll embed it in a Java servlet and point a VoiceXML browser at it. But for now, let's use the ITest console utility that comes with SpeakRight. Switch back to Hello.java, which should have been created when you made the project.

import org.speakright.itest.*;
public class SRHello {public static void main(String[] args){
SRInteractiveTester tester = new SRInteractiveTester();
App1 app = new App1();

OK. Let's run the app. In the Package Explorer, find your class file Hello.java, right-click and select Run As and Java Application. ITest runs in the java console. You should see this in the Console view

Hello app running in the console

The "1>" indicates this is the first turn. That is, your app is about to create it's first VoiceXML page. Type "go" and press Enter. You'll see some logging and the VoiceXML:

welcome to SpeakRight

When a SpeakRight app is in a java servlet, this VoiceXML would be returned to the VoiceXML server, where it would be executed. The results of that execution would be sent back to SpeakRight. In this case, the page simply plays some text-to-speech audio, so there is no user input to send back. In ITest, we are the VoiceXML platform and we send back (using the "go" command) the results of executing the most recent page. So type "go" and press Enter again. The app has nothing more to do so it finishes, along with ITest.

That's it. You've created your first SpeakRight app.

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